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Fuel Tank Cleaning Pembroke Pines, FL

Fuel Tank Cleaning Pembroke Pines

Our team of TANK KLEEN professionals has over 50 years of experience in the petroleum industry. We noticed a void in the fuel polishing sector so TANK KLEEN was founded. Our team not only filter and polish your fuel like our competition, but instead offer complete fuel management. We work closely with our clients to create a management program that takes the worry and guess work out of the fuel polishing process. We provide real time on-site fuel testing and particle counting that allows us to make recommendations for service and supply additives to ensure your petroleum products have the longest possible shelf life. Hire a TANK KLEEN professional and you will have the confidence that your fuel is ready when you need it. We are proud to be in the industry and ask you give TANK KLEEN an opportunity to earn your business. We are family owned and operated and strive to provide the best possible service that our customers demand.If you store or use diesel fuel for a utility, construction or other company, you need fuel testing, polishing and tank cleaning services. Based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida, Tank Kleen offers fuel polishing, testing and tank cleaning throughout the state. Our qualified partners provide fuel tank cleaning, polishing and testing services across the country too. Below is more information about how our fuel testing, polishing and tank cleaning services help you meet operating guidelines and save money.

Fuel Testing Pembroke Pines FL

Diesel fuel is very unstable. When it sits in storage, its quality begins to degrade in just six months or less. The fuel can become dark in color and contaminated with water, bacteria, yeast and fungi. These contaminants can develop within the fuel or because of tank storage problems. In any case, it causes buildup that renders the fuel unusable, which is why fuel testing is so important. Fuel Tank Cleaning Pembroke Pines

Fuel testing can detect these contaminants before the fuel becomes too damaged to save. Tank Kleen uses lab fuel testing to determine the extent of the contamination. The fuel testing will tell us the quality and purity of the product too. With the fuel testing results, we can give you an accurate estimate for the cost of fuel tank cleaning and polishing. 

Fuel Polishing Pembroke Pines FL

After we complete our fuel testing, we can begin the fuel polishing process. It involves a technical cleaning method to filter out microbial contamination. Fuel polishing is necessary to prevent filling a tank or running an engine with dirty fuel, which would cause further damage to your or your customers’ products. Fuel Tank Cleaning Pembroke Pines

Tank Kleen’s fuel polishing service is different from other Pembroke Pines, FL companies because of our special filter. We use customized absolute-rated filters in our fuel polishing process to filter your fuel down to 2 microns. After our fuel polishing service, we’ll perform visual and field fuel testing to make sure that it’s safe to use. Also, real-time testing during the fuel polishing allows you to see the product getting clean.

Who Benefits From Our Fuel Polishing Services

Industries Served:

If you use fuel, you need TANK KLEEN. Our process ensures your diesel fuel, gasoline and ethanol blends stay free of algae, moisture and engine damaging particulates. The fuel cleaning process can vary greatly depending on application so we adjust our approach to ensure the best possible results. Whether you are running equipment, storing large amounts of fuel for your fleet or have a backup emergency generator at your facility, TANK KLEEN can service your needs. Pembroke Pines Industries Served: Construction – Medical – Industrial – Utility

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Fuel and Tank Maintenance Pembroke Pines, FL

After fuel tank cleaning and polishing, diesel fuel can become dirty again. Tank Kleen can maintain your fuel quality and purity with regular fuel tank cleaning and polishing. You can schedule a periodic fuel polishing and tank cleaning service. Our professional staff can perform the regular fuel tank cleaning and polishing effectively and quickly. With a fuel tank cleaning and polishing schedule, your fuel will deliver better performance and reduce operating costs. 

Are you in need of fuel tank cleaning and polishing? Our lab tests can determine the extent of your fuel tank cleaning and polishing needs. Call Tank Kleen to schedule a free consultation. 1-800-383-5489


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